Sunday, 12 July 2009

Not exactly a review

Today I began my volunteer work at the Joslyn Art Museum gift shop. One of the perks of the job is being able to visit for free whenever I like, or if the shop is quiet I can take time out to have a wander, which is awesome because there are two exhibitions at the moment that I love... 

1. GOLDEN LEGACY: Original Art from 65 years of Golden Books.
60 original illustrations from the Little Golden Books series of picture books, which includes work by Richard Scarry, Alice and Martin Provensen, Garth Williams and Mary Blair. Super sweet and nostalgic, it was lovely and kind of exciting to see the original artwork for books I treasured when I was younger.

2. ARTE POPULAR: Mexican Folk Art from the Collection of Pat and Judd Wagner

"Created from a wide array of materials such as clay, plant fibers, wood, metals, cotton, wool, silk, paper, stone, leather, shell, wax, and feathers, the objects are ceremonial and profane, utilitarian and decorative, parodic and whimsical, reflecting communal lives and values. Many of the artists use techniques handed down for generations, often within the same families and villages. The resulting works reveal the artists' connections to their communities, land, traditions, and cultures."

I couldn't find any photos that did any justice to this exhibition. It is positioned at the end of a gallery full of retablos so you suddenly walk from very solemn religious oil paintings into a room full of paper mache skeletons, neon prostitutes and hand carved monster masks. It's hilarious.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Yoo Ess Ay

I have been in living in Omaha for almost a month now. So far so good. I admit that I didn't think it would be quite this hard to find a job, I must have applied to 40 places but it seems like no one wants to hire at the moment. I'm fast running out of money and if it goes on much longer I'll have to start selling plasma.
I've had a bunch of fun times: my first Independence day, obtaining free tickets to see the Jonas Brothers (amazing), Bingo nights, parties etc. I volunteered a couple of weeks ago at the Omaha Summer Arts Festival, selling drinks tokens in the sun and being given free beer and cake. Not bad. It was amazing how many people turned out, although the majority of the art was... not to my taste.

From Sunday I will be working for free at the Joslyn Art Museum. Hopefully this will lead to a paid position but in the meantime I'll continue to look for something... anything... to help me pay the rent.

Monday, 6 July 2009

End of Edinburgh

Photos from the degree show! better late than never. My final days in the U.K. were a lot of fun, I'm glad I stayed long enough to celebrate. Everyone's work looked amazing and well done to everyone on our results, I feel so proud of us.
For anyone reading this, sorry I didn't get to say a final goodbye at the revel. It was such a fun night, I'm going to miss everyone a lot but I'll be back so I'll be sure to see everyone again.

I'm still getting over the fact it's all finished. How can 3 years go by so fast? I had a few sads recently seeing photos of graduation and D&AD, wish I could have been there. Still, I know a lot of people are staying in Edinburgh so I look forward to a catch up in a few months' time! BIFF 4eva IDST.